IKRA is a global firm, that delivers products that thrive creativity and innovation
We believe the future isn't just to be predicted, but to be shaped and interacted with. Drawing from the wisdom of the past and insights of the present, we guide you to make that courageous first step towards your envisioned future.
IKRA: we
At IKRA, we're more than a global innovation firm — we're visionaries.
Because we know, the finest future is the one you craft.
Harnessing the rhythm of human behavior, we decode deep insights and unite with brilliant minds worldwide. This synergy lets us pioneer transformative solutions and groundbreaking learning experiences.
Since 2009
Empowered 40,000+ individuals across 10+ countries with IKRA's transformative programs
Successfully spearheading over 1,300 projects in innovation and creativity
Achieving a consistent 8.5 Consumer Satisfaction Index - a testament to our excellence
Uniting with 100+ international experts, enriching IKRA's unparalleled professional community
Empowerment Through Ownership:
Global Expertise at Your Fingertips
Unlock the IKRA Advantage
Step into an environment that marries professionalism with sincerity. Our settings encourage free-thinking, ensuring everyone feels at ease to share and innovate.
Streamline your goals with our programs designed to expedite processes and cut down your time-to-market.
Dive into a unique blend of consulting and education, ensuring your team feels an innate sense of ownership over decisions. Witness a transformation as they emerge more empowered and motivated post-session.
Tap into our expansive network of experts, equipped with invaluable insights spanning a multitude of industries and challenges.
Creativity in Comfort
Accelerate Your Journey
From inception to execution, trust in IKRA to adeptly navigate every phase of the innovation pipeline.
Equip your teams with versatile toolkits, ensuring they have resources at their disposal even long after our project concludes.
Comprehensive Innovation Management
Tools for the Future
Our partners
World week of creativity and innovation
First and only UAE's digital art theater that offers a truly unique immersive experience to its visitors
A visual workspace for innovation, built for distributed teams of any size.
A Middle East-based Product Manager community based in the UAE
International Business Community for high-impact entrepreneurs
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IKRA team
Vasilii Lebedev
Founder of IKRA, author of CRAFT methodology. Innovation management and creativity consultant.
Herman Kukhtenkov
Consultant in digital transformation and human-centered design expert, worked with major corporations such as Biocad, VTB, Estée Lauder, Danone, PepsiCo, Deloitte, EY, McKinsey, and KPMG.
Ruchi Sharma
Creative Director adept at brand storytelling that builds emotional connections in a human-centric world for Unilever, Danone, etc.
Eugenia Michalčuk-Vráblík
Innovation management expert. Head of the development department at the international IT company Flex Databases.
Maria Zubkova
Head of Dubai office. Facilitator, learning experience designer and consultant.
Daria Gartsman
Head of project management office at IKRA.
Waleed Helal
Head of Growth Marketing at fintech company Xpence Data-Driven Marketer.
Aleksandra Stepanova
Business development and partnerships.
Ivan Zbrodov
Chief Marketing Officer. Product promotion, marketing strategy development.
Edutainment approach
Our Values
«The best future is the one you create by yourself »

— IKRA Team
Every day with IKRA is a journey of discovery. We turn challenges into exhilarating quests, ensuring that your path to innovation is not just effective, but also truly enjoyable.
We believe in boldly navigating the unknown. With IKRA, you're not just stepping into unexplored territories; you're pioneering them.
System Thinking
Our holistic approach ensures that every solution we design is not just effective but sustainable. With IKRA, you're not just aiming high, but aiming smart.
At IKRA, we recognize the magic of collective creation. We believe that the best solutions emerge from collaborative spirits, pooling their unique strengths
At IKRA, trust isn't a mere contract term. It's the assurance you feel, knowing we're by your side, dedicated to your vision every step of the way.
Let's get visionary together
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IKRA is a global creative thinking & innovation firm. We are game-changers seamlessly blending education, facilitation & consulting, providing sprints, accelerators and educational programs.