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Brand Sprint
Want to update your brand platform and communication strategy?»
Need to adapt your brand to a new market?»
Need to reconsider your current brand positioning after market changes?»
You need branding for a new product?»
Brand Sprint
According to our clients
Brand platform
3 days session
Any location online/ offline
Funnel mechanics
+ 2 weeks of research
+ 3 follow-up weeks of supervision
Interviews with the team
Analysis of the company’s reports to develop a deep and shared understanding of the challenge and the context
The expert with support of the learning experience designer is creating a program for the sessions
Presentation of the results of the research
Presentation of the results of the session to the extended team
What’s in the box?
Preparation 1-2 weeks
Dedicated industry expert + tailored research to address your challenges
Professional approach to designing learning experience focuses and develops your team
Improving your team’s skill set while working on real company tasks
Co-creation sessions
Report and follow-up
In-depth interviews
Analysis of best practices
Facilitated discussions and written documentation of participants' ideas
Frameworks from Design Thinking, TRIZ, TOC, Lateral Thinking, CRAFT, JTBD
Gamified exercises and energizers
Generation of approx. 50-100 new ideas of activations in different channels
OKR session, clear next steps and key takeaways
Written final report
Retrospective session
Follow up meeting
Deliverables of the sprint
For your company
Addressed metrics:
Which increases:
For your team
Brand pyramid well-built with your own team
Brand communication toolkit for your marketing team & agency
Complete backlog of brand activation ideas for each part of the funnel
Personal tasks synced with the overall communication strategy.
Logical structure underpinning the guide
Defined tone of voice
Cross-functional understanding of the brand's role in the various tasks
Brand awareness
Retention rate
Employee engagement rate
Creative competencies of the team
NPS (Net Promoter Score)
CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)
Defined action-list, with deadlines, and responsibilities
Employee Lifetime Value
Talent acquisition cost
Staff turnover rate
Attraction for HR Brand
Funnel metrics from awareness to loyalty
Who should join the sprint as participants?
We recommend bringing team leaders from cross-functional teams and key specialists, who are responsible for further implementation:
Marketing managers
PR managers
Product managers
Brand managers
10-30 participants
depending on the size of your company
Key experts for the sprint
Vasili Lebedev

  • Founder of IKRA Worldwide, Red Keds creative agency.
  • Key creative communication consultant for Coca-Cola, Heineken, Kaspersky, Estee Lauder, etc.
Ruchi Sharma
Creative Director

  • Awarded Writer
  • Creative Director adept at brand storytelling that builds emotional connections in a human-centric world for Unilever, Danone, etc.
Elena Gudova, PhD
Research & Development expert

  • Academic researcher majoring in organizational sociology
  • Expertise in quantitive and qualitative research and data analysis for VISA, Kaspersky, etc.
To provide a brand sprint for a famous online coding bootcamp Practicum to find the right brand platform, fitting the right target audience in the USA.
30% growth of the leads for the bootcamp via successfully built and tested brand platform with an archetype fitting the market, funnel mechanics and updated userflows.
We went through 3-steps brand sprint with a qualitative research and further offline co-creation sessions in Belgrade with all key experts from Practicum gathered altogether.
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Brand Sprint is designed to tackle brand management tasks, including brand pyramid development, mission statements, positioning, etc. We guide your team through all stages of unleashing the full potential of your brand in a span of 4-5 days.