Intensive and dedicated week of co-working with IKRA to solve your product challenges
Product Discovery Sprint
Want to pivot your product and find a new value proposition?»
Does your product need to enter a new market?»
Overcome your competitors for your existing target audience?»
You need to structure out your product portfolio?»
Product Discovery Sprint
According to our clients
Product concept, CJM
Value proposition
3-5 days session
Any location online/ offline
Product prototype
+ 2 weeks of research
+ 3 follow-up weeks of supervision
Interviews with the customer
Analysis of gaps within the CJCM to develop a deep and shared understanding of the current product state and the market needs
The expert with support of the learning experience designer is creating a program for the sessions
Presentation of the results of the research
Presentation of the results of the session to the extended team
What’s in the box?
Preparation 1-2 weeks
Dedicated industry expert + tailored research to address your challenges
Professional learning experience design approach to focus and develop your team
Skill set Improvement of your team while working on real company tasks
Co-creation sessions
Report and follow-up
Customer Journey Map analysis
Analysis of best practices on the market
Facilitated discussions and written documentation of participants' ideas
Frameworks from Discovery product process, Design Thinking, JTBD, TRIZ, TOC, Lateral Thinking, CRAFT
Gamified exercises and energizers
Development or reinforcement of the existing customer journey map
OKR session, clear next steps, and key takeaways
Written final report
Retrospective session
Follow up meeting
Deliverables of the sprint
For your product
Addressed metrics:
Which increases:
For your team
Product concept well-built by your own team
Product design tools for work based on discovery process
New business model hypotheses
Cross-functional understanding of the brand's role in the various tasks
Clear and solid value proposition
Prioritized backlog of further product development
Prototypes of the chosen product concepts
Clearly defined tasks, deadlines, and responsibilities
Personal tasks synced with the overall communication strategy
Time to market
Green box
Retention rate
Average Revenue Per User
Product competencies of the team
Attraction for HR Brand
NPS (Net Promoter Score)
CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)
Who should join the sprint as participants?
We recommend bringing team leaders from cross-functional teams and key specialists, who are responsible for further implementation:
Marketing managers
PR managers
Product managers
Brand managers
10-30 participants
depending on the size of your company
Key experts for the sprint
Yuriy Voynilov
Research & Development expert

  • Academic researcher majoring in organizational sociology.
  • Expertise in quantitive and qualitative research and data analysis for VISA, Phillip Morris, etc.
Ilya Kucherenko
Product management expert

  • 8+ years of product management in the famous Tinkoff digital bank.
  • Expertise in Go-To-Market and scaling up strategy, especially Central Asia & Latin America market.
Eugenia Mikhalchuk
Key product strategy expert

  • Executive manager with 16 years of experience in international companies.
  • Expertise in strategic management and product development.
To conduct a product sprint for the largest Mauritius Commercial Bank to find the proper customer experience approach to introduce Apple Pay
Apple Pay successfully installed in the existing banking experience and product portfolio.
We analyzed the client's customer journey, conducted 3-day co-creation sessions using empathy maps, forces of progress, and value proposition framework. We then designed and tested prototypes with existing clients.
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Product Sprint is an intensive work cycle focused on product development and enhancement. We guide your team through all stages of problem solving: research, problem identification, idea generation, and within 4-5 days we get ready solutions.