One intensive week of co-working with IKRA to solve your company’s strategic objectives
Strategic Sprint
Want to find the bottlenecks of your current business processes?»
Need to visualize the forthcoming scenarios of your company?»
Need to unite all your topmanagers team to focus on particular company goals?»
Need to find a new disruptive strategy in the BANI world?»
Strategic Sprint
According to our clients
Vision and mission
Business development scenarios
3 days session
Any location online/ offline
Solid strategic objectives and action-plan
+ 2 weeks of research
+ 3 follow-up weeks of supervision
interviews with the team
Analysis of the company’s reports and annual results
The expert with the support of the learning experience designer is creating a program for the sessions
Presentation of the results of the research
Presentation of the results of the session to the extended team
What’s in the box?
Preparation 1-2 weeks
Dedicated industry expert + tailored research to address your challenges
Professional approach to designing learning experience focuses and develops your team
Improving your team’s skill set while working on real company tasks
Co-creation sessions
Report and follow-up
In-depth interviews
Analysis of best practices
Strategic session with key stakeholders
Frameworks from the 4P strategy, Theory of constraints, VMOSA, CRAFT
Teamwork with an experienced consultant
Generation of possible scenarios for your business development
OKR session, clear next steps and key takeaways
Written final report
Retrospective session based on the OKR framework
Follow up meeting
Deliverables of the sprint
For your company
Addressed metrics:
Which increases:
For your team
Company blueprint with structure, goals, key metrics
Strategic toolkit for daily usage
Clearly defined tasks, deadlines, and responsibilities
Personal tasks synced with the overall business strategy.
Key scenarios for short-term and mid-term development
Structured vision and mission, aligned with strategic objectives
Cross-functional understanding of the company’s strategy
Market share
Employee Lifetime Value
Employee engagement rate
Strategic competencies of the team
Attraction for HR Brand
NPS (Net Promoter Score)
CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)
Who should join the sprint as participants?
We recommend bringing key stakeholders responsible for further implementation.
5-15 participants
depending on the size of your company
Inviting shareholders is optional, but often brings positive results on instant feedback for the strategic goals.
Key experts for the sprint
Vasili Lebedev

  • Founder of IKRA Worldwide, Red Keds creative agency.
  • Key creative communication consultant for Coca-Cola, Heineken, Kaspersky, Estee Lauder, etc.
Herman Kukhtenkov
Key strategic expert, IKRA Partner

  • 20+ years of entrepreneurship experience.
  • Conducted digital transformation strategy for Estée Lauder, Danone, PepsiCo, Deloitte, EY, McKinsey, KPMG.
Maria Bolotskaya
HRD expert

  • Human resource planning expert with 19 years of experience.
  • NCDA standard career counselor for L’Oreal, TELE2, Cartier, etc.
Yango entered the MENA market for delivery services and sought an optimal team structure and alignment of strategic objectives with existing business goals.
Launch of new branch in MENA. Delivery of new structure and key objectives for the company, a brand new plan for initiatives, implemented OKR structure.
We designed an OKR planning process for the whole team, annual planning calendar according to the strategic goals and a set of values and principles, based on the mission and vision of the company.
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Strategic Sprint is an intensive work cycle focused on building sustainable strategies for products and businesses. We guide your team through all stages of strategy development: analyze market trends, identify growth opportunities, and develop robust strategies to drive success in just 4-5 days.