VR construction toolkit — CRAFT
Unique method of building business virtual reality worlds, applicable to different business objectives
Сustomized virtual experiences
Our clients — tech-savvy enterprises and educational institutions (including IKEA, VISA, and Danone), leverage CRAFT to address their need for innovative customer and employee engagement. Through our unique algorithms and frameworks, we provide a creative solution that enhances training, customer journeys, and problem-solving, leading to increased engagement and safety.
Customized virtual reality training programs for various industries, focusing on interactive simulations for onboarding, safety drills, complex skill acquisition, and ongoing professional development.
Collaborative educational platforms where institutions can create immersive learning experiences, such as virtual laboratories or historical recreations, for enhanced student engagement.
Simulated environments for training corporate teams in crisis response,
risk management, and emergency preparedness.
Products and services:
VR Training Modules
Educational VR Worlds
Crisis Management Simulators
VR construction toolkit, CRAFT:
Creative algorithms
Business scenarios
Concept Generation: CRAFT's algorithms help businesses come up with innovative and creative ideas for their VR projects. These ideas can range from immersive training simulations to interactive product demonstrations.
Role Definition: Assigning roles within VR experiences is critical for engagement. CRAFT's algorithms assist in defining these roles, whether they are trainers, customers, or employees.
Customer Journeys: Creating a captivating customer journey is key to successful VR experiences. CRAFT's algorithms help design these journeys, ensuring that users are guided through a compelling narrative.
On-boarding: Simplify and enhance the on-boarding process for new employees with immersive, interactive training modules.
Customer Engagement: Create unforgettable experiences for customers, such as virtual product demonstrations, interactive showrooms, and brand experiences.
Safety Simulations: Train your workforce for hazardous scenarios in a safe and controlled virtual environment.
Problem Solving: Visualize and solve complex business challenges through immersive simulations and collaborative brainstorming sessions.
Key specialists
Vasili Lebedev

  • Founder of IKRA Worldwide, Red Keds creative agency.
  • Key creative communication consultant for Coca-Cola, Heineken, Kaspersky, Estee Lauder, etc.
Herman Kukhtenkov
Chief Technology Officer

  • Consultant in digital transformation and human-centered design expert
  • Worked with major corporations such as Biocad, VTB, Estée Lauder, Danone, PepsiCo, Deloitte, EY, McKinsey, and KPMG.
Aleksandra Stepanova
Business development and partnerships

Ivan Zbrodov
Chief Marketing Officer

Virtual experiences
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